Artist PR

IVPR offers full-scale publicity campaigns for artists in a wide variety of genres. Campaigns are always goal-focused and strategic, understanding that it’s not necessarily the amount of media that creates awareness. Rather, we focus on getting the right kind of press across all media formats executed through multi-stage press plans. The focus is always on an artist’s story and music, the return is an elevated public persona achieved through top tier media coverage.

Festival PR

IVPR is a well-oiled machine when it comes to pre-, on-site, and post-festival publicity campaigns. Each event and music festival campaign we lead, no matter the size or history, has a unique story—a unique experience to offer—and we work to expand demographics and draw potential ticket buyers into the fold through targeted media coverage. “Out-of-the-box PR planning is one of the most exciting parts of this job,” says Ivey. “Curating and dreaming up experiences unique to each festival we work on satisfies the creative side of my brain.” From on-site press conferences live streamed with a media partner to co-branded video sessions, IVPR takes a heels-dug-in, let’s do something new approach to festival PR.